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Hawkdancing Drum Information

I have been building, playing and repairing many types of drums for the last thirty years. Over that time I have learned much, and collected a lot of useful information. This site is a reference for assessing and purchasing a new djembe drum, and repairing a used drum, and selecting the best drum for you!


Buying a Djembe

How do you choose a Djembe? As a craftsman I can only work with, and appreciate what is real. Hand carved from a single log, with no production lathe work. 


Building a Djembe

Explore the djembe building process, and learn some tips to obtain the best drum possible.


Repairing Djembe Drums

Most any type drum can be given a new life. Learn to assess a used drum and develop a strategy for getting the highest potential from each drum type.


Properties of Common Djembe Woods

A good djembe drum starts with the spirit of a ancient tree. Identify properly seasoned and carved woods.


How to Select a Skin

The skin is critical to getting the best sound from a drum. Thick or thin? Goat skin , calf, elk, moose, deer, antelope... How do you choose? Discover the sound properties you will get from each and  which is the best for your purpose.


Ceramic Drums

The original goblet shaped drum, ceramics has been used for drums for thousands of years. 

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